Laleh, Liseberg

Been at a lot of concerts on Liseberg, and I always imagined I could take pictures from different places in different angles, because it’s usually not that croweded. Well, that was a big misjudgment. Around 20 500 people ended up watching Laleh yesterday, and it took almost the whole concert trying to get to the front. I was ready to take some serious pictures, but was very disappointed to find out that it’s more or less impossible unless you’re standing in the very front. Next time I will try to be there early to get a good spot for photography. Being among the crowd just doesn’t cut it.

After the regular show, people started to leave and I was able to get to the scene by the side for the extras. Almost 200 shots and everyone during the same song. I was just glad to get a picture at all! Well, I figured 200 bad shots with no variety would be better than none shots. The result wasn’t pleasing at all.

Due to scene lights in different colors, it was hard to post-process to get the skin to look “natural”. The light varied a lot, so getting consistency between the pictures was hard.

It was my first run with the Canon EF-S 55-250/4-5,6 IS STM, which I absolutely love so far! I will get a chance next week already to take it for another round. Hope the result won’t be as disappointing then!